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Looking for organiser next Fusion PhD Event! (open call)

FuseNet is looking for a hosting party to organise the next edition of the famous Fusion PhD Event. After six successful editions in the past, this year should have another gathering of the PhD students in Europe. More info and a link to the call form here...

PlasmaSurf Summer School 2019

PlasmaSurf is a summer school on plasma physics, intense lasers and nuclear fusion, tailored for BSc/MSc engineering and physics students. It is a great opportunity to get an insight into these topics with a view to a future career, or to complement your curricular training by broadening your knowledge in an exciting and forefront area of physics.

Nishith Chennakeshava - MSc thesis at IPP & PPPL

Supported by FuseNet, Nishith Chennakeshava went to the Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald and to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton. He worked on turbulence in fusion plasmas, and optimising stellarators such that turbulence occurs at as high as possible density gradients.

Alexis Devitre - internship at PPPL

Supported by FuseNet, Alexis Devitre went to LTX-β, a tokamak at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, where he worked on a granule dropper to controlledly add impurities to the otherwise pure-hydrogen plasma. This allows for determining the behaviour of lithium in the Scrape-Off Layer, which is a major concern.

Tat Yiu Spencer Cheung - attendee KIT Summer School for Fusion Energy

Supported by FuseNet, Tat Yiu Spencer Cheung attended the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology International Summer School for Fusion Energy, where he got an in-depth overview of nuclear fusion. In the weekend he visited the city of Speyer, with its beautiful cathedral and impressive technical museum.

Edoardo Rovere - internship at SPC

Supported by FuseNet, Edoardo Rovere did an internship at the Swiss Plasma Center in Lausanne, where he worked on a database that can be used for emperical formulae and scaling laws in order to tackle EMLs in H-mode plasma. In the evenings he enjoyed the Lausanne-Flon district, bursting with life, discos and pubs.

Matteo Hakeem Kushoro – MSc thesis at CERN

Supported by FuseNet, Matteo Hakeem Kushoro went to CERN for his MSc thesis on a new concept for a solid crystalline detector, hopefully well-suited to fusion-like environments: the Silicon Carbide Detector. It was his first big experience in a large physics lab, which he found very stimulating.

Luca Spinicci - MSc thesis at CCFE

Supported by FuseNet, Luca Spinicci spent seven months working at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, where he worked on improving and debugging software related to ELMs. In his free time, he went punting in Oxford  and even grew some sunflowers in his backyard!

PhDia Summer School: Synthetic diagnostics for inferring plasma properties

The third edition of the biannual PhDia Fusion Summer School will be focused on synthetic diagnostics for plasma physics, including magnetic and inertial confinement.

The School is addressed to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students with their tutors. Lectures supported by "hands-on" tutorials will be given by recognised world experts in the field of plasma physics. Short oral presentations by PhD student are encouraged, with a prize for the best contributions. Selected contributions will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Polytech-SOKENDAI Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion summer school

Organized by the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in cooperation with the School of Physical Sciences of SOKENDAI (総研大, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan), the Polytechnic Summer School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion is suitable as the first plasma physics course or an add-on course for senior undergraduate students and graduate students.