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Looking for organiser next Fusion PhD Event! (open call)

FuseNet is looking for a hosting party to organise the next edition of the famous Fusion PhD Event. After six successful editions in the past, this year should have another gathering of the PhD students in Europe. More info and a link to the call form here...

Luca Cristale - internship at IST Lisbon

Supported by FuseNet, Luca Cristale went to the Instituto Superior Tècnico in Lisbon to work on fusion diagnostics. In five months' time he got to improve his knowledge of fusion technology, converse with in-the-field researchers and enjoy both culture and sports in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Neil Lamas - MSc thesis at CIEMAT

Supported by FuseNet, Neil Lamas went to CIEMAT in Madrid, home to the TJ-II stellarator. For his Master's thesis, he worked on optimising stellarators with regard to neoclassical transport for a full four months. Not only did he learn a lot about fusion theory, he also discovered the 24/7, vibrant and cosmopolitan streets of Madrid.

Plasmasurf 2019 (2/2)

Supported by FuseNet, Manuel Agredano Torres, Jakub Caloud and Yacopo Damizia also went to Lisbon's Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear to attend PlasmaSurf 2019. It covers the basics of plasma science, intense laser-plasma interaction and fusion technology. To boot, it involves a lot of surfing and rock climbing!

15th Kudowa Summer School

The institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM, Poland) is organizing the 15th Kudowa Summer School, titled 'Towards fusion energy', which will be held in Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland, from the 29th of June until the 3rd of July 2020.

Antonello Zito - MSc thesis at IPP Garching

Supported by FuseNet, Antonello Zito went to the Max-Planck-Institut  für Plasmaphysik in Garching. At the Plasma Edge and Wall dvision, he studied the propagation of high-density blobs in the scrape-off layer, i.e. the outermost part of the fusion plasma. He was very satisfied, both with his results and with getting to live in a beautiful city like Munich.

Plasmasurf 2019 (1/2)

Supported by FuseNet, Javier Hidalgo Salaverri, Jordi Manyer Fuertes and Dante Loi went to Lisbon's Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear to attend PlasmaSurf 2019. It covers the basis of plasma science, intense lasers-plasma interaction and fusion technologies. As for the surfing part, well, check out the photo at the bottom of the article.

10th Festival de Théorie

Supported by FuseNet, both Wenling Dong and Uladzislava Yevarouskaya visited the 10th Festival de Théorie in Aix-en-Province. This year’s edition was all about phase dynamics, and both Wenling and Uladzislava would like to tell you something about their experiences!

Caterina Cavallini - internship at IPFN

Supported by FuseNet, Caterina Cavallini went to Lisbon's Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion to study the wettability of stainless steel by liquid gallium. Being a chemist at heart, she overcame her initial worries and poured herself into understanding vacuum technology to build the device she was going to experiment with. On Fridays, she enjoyed the local cerveja in the brewery with her lab mates.

Allessandro Cianciulli - MSc thesis at IPFN

Supported by FuseNet, Allessandro Cianciulli went Lisbon's Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion. He worked on algorithms to real-time reconstruct the plasma current inISTTok tokamak, which is special in that it operates in alternating-current mode. In his free time he surfed the cold, cold ocean and climbed the beautifuls cliffs.