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Secondary School

Secondary School

Bachelor / Master




Polytech-SOKENDAI Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion summer school

Organized by the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in cooperation with the School of Physical Sciences of Sokendai (the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan), the Polytechnic Summer School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion is suitable as the first plasma physics course or an add-on course for senior undergraduate students and graduate students.

GOMTRAIC - Golem Training Course

Powered by FuseNet, The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical UNiversity in Prague offers a five-day mini workshop on plasma experiments at the GOLEM tokamak. An interactive course on fundamental and advanced toroidal plasma physics, suitable for undergraduate and post-graduate students, the course covers important aspects of experimental work on tokamaks, such as tokamak operation, plasma control, diagnostics and processing of experimental data.

PhD position on plasma-surface interaction (experiment): gas scattering, adsorption, absorption, desorption

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A fully funded (3 years) PhD position is available in the Plasma-Surface group of the Physics of Ionic and Molecular interactions (PIIM) laboratory at Aix-Marseille University (France).

Francis Prasanth - internship at CIEMAT

Supported by FuseNet, Francis Prasanth got the opportunity to do a three-month internship at CIEMAT, Madrid, for investigating the role of Neutrals in the Turbulence processes in TJ-II Stellerator.

Fusion PhD Event 2018 successful

From 6 to 9 November, Aix-en-Provence and ITER Headquarters were the stage for the sixth Fusion PhD Event. This edition, 135 students from all over Europe joined.

Oscar Putignano - internship at CNA

Supported by FuseNet, Oscar Putignano went to the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) in Seville, where he worked on determining fast-ion-orbit kick. This is important in learning how to reduce ELMs in tokamaks, which are very bad for the wall of the vacuum vessel.

Jesper Cuperus - internship at COMPASS

Supported by FuseNet, Jesper Cuperus did his internship at COMPASS in Prague, where he worked on a calibrating a new spectrometer to measure poloidal rotation and ion temperatures near the plasma edge. After a great many iterations the system proved very useable for distinguishing between L- and H-mode.

Irene Casiraghi - internship at JET

Supported by FuseNet, Irene Casirahi went to JET at Culham Science Centre where she worked on transport behaviour in D-T plasmas. Notably, she looked at how different ion masses (hydrogen vs deuterium) change transport.

Álvaro Cubí - intership at IPP

Supported by FuseNet, Álvaro Cubí did his internship at the Max Plank Institute of Plasma Physics in Garching, Germany. He performed work related to neutronic simulations for DEMO's (post-ITER-generation) Neutral Beam Injectors. On his days off, he also discovered the joy of bouldering.

Igor Khodunov - internship at COMPASS

Supported by FuseNet, Igor Khodunov did an intership at IPP's COMPASS tokamak in Prague, where he worked on divertor detachment. In an environment where heat fluxes are extreme enough to melt the most hardy materials known to mankind, it is of quintessential importance to greatly deminish this heat flux before it hits the divertor.