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Enrique Casado Romero - Winter Event in Cadarache

Erasmus Mundus Winter Event - Cadarache, France
Report by Enrique Casado Romero. Powered by FuseNet

I am in the first year of the “European master of Science in Fusion Technology and Engineering Physics”, and this year, for the first time, first year students joined the Winter Event, that takes place in Cadarache (France). For the second year students this event consisted working on a topic for 2 weeks and presenting it afterwards. For us it only consisted of a couple of days, where we attended these presentations in order to learn for our next year. We also were able to interact with the second year students and talked about their experiences.

Visit to ITER

The most interesting point of this event was our visit to ITER. We were glad to have the possibility to go and walk inside the construction (not everyone is allowed to go inside, most of the groups visit it only from the Coach). Personally, it was an unforgettable experience for me, seeing such a big project for something I really think is the solution for all our energy problems. After several months of learning and listening to professors talking about this big project, I could now for the first time really see what is going on.

In conclusion, I believe these kind of events are important in order to have a good relationship with other fellows, and of course, to learn a bit more about Fusion.