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Frederik Vink - Internship at the Consorzio RFX in Padova

Master internship at the Consorzio RFX in Padova, Italy.
Reported by Frederik Vink. Powered by FuseNet.

In April, I started my three-month internship at the Consorzio RFX in Padova. During my time there, I would be enjoying the scientific challenges that NIO1, which stands for 'negative ion optimization 1', would offer me. The NIO-machine is a neutral beam injector (NBI) with a negative ion source, which acts as one of the main prototypes for the development of the neutral beam system for ITER. The main goal of my project was to determine the rotational and vibrational temperature of the plasma within NIO1's negative ion source by measuring the spectrum of the Fulcher-alpha band, that is emitted by the hydrogen inside the source. The purpose of these temperature measurements is to investigated their influence on the production of negative ions within the source.

For me, the internship has been a real eye-opener, since it was my first experience as a proper scientific researcher. Especially in the beginning, it was not always easy to know what you are supposed to do with the project. Also, it has sometimes been rather difficult to work with other scientist that have a different background or a different mother-tongue, however, this has also led to quite a few funny moments during my internship.

Outside the university, I found myself enjoying the Italian way of life, which, for an ignorant Dutch student, does not come without its struggles. The average Italian is not very good at English (if he speaks it at all), which made it difficult to communicate with them. Nevertheless, by gesturing I could make myself clear and, along the way, I was able to learn quite a few Italian words as well. These communication issues, however, were nothing in comparison to Italy's wonderful landscape and its delicious food. Also, the openness and politeness of the Italian people, is something that Dutch, with their directness, can learn a lot from.

I have really enjoyed my time in Italy and I want to thank all the lovely people that I have met during my internship. I also want to thank FuseNet for giving me the opportunity to have this amazing and unforgettable experience. Ciao!