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  • Igor Khodunov - internship at COMPASS

The heat fluxes in COMPASS-U and ITER are strong enough to melt the most hardy materials known to mankind. It is therefore extremely important to control these heat fluxes: if they were to reach the walls unchecked, those walls would melt. Even the divertor, which is built specifically to handle extremely high heat fluxes, cannot withstand them. So they have to be diminished - a lot.

Igor worked on a real-time feedback system (RFTS) to control the manner in which these fluxes are diminished: so-called detachment control. Getting this right is of crucial importance to a functioning fusion reactor. During Igor's internship RFTS was succesfully developed and test. The system relies on Langmuir-probe and Ball-pen-probe measurements of the heat flux; it is characterised by its simplicity of construction. Igor's internship experience was so good that the "opportunity of being a part of scientic family helped me in deciding to continue working in research and doing a PhD in fusion." 

For an in-depth explanation of Igor's work, check out this poster which has all the information about his internship!