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Robin Somers - IRFM Winter Event

The Joint Practicum (Winter Event) is a unique hands-on experience on WEST-tokamak, in the shadows of the rising ITER-project. 11 different subjects were provided for the M2 students from both the French master FedSPF and the European Fusion-EP master. A variety of fusion related research topics could be studied, ranging from turbulence studies in stellarators over the analysis of PFC’s for ITER and DEMO to numerical modeling of the ITER-reactor.

The subject of the first week had to be discussed by writing a scientific article, while the second week was ended by talks from all the students. Apart from the research work, we also got a couple of interesting lectures as well as a visit to the rapidly evolving ITER-worksite. Needless to say that the schedule was pretty full, yet the experience and research were very rewarding. And even though the event is called Winter Event, the sun was happily shining over Cadarache and we could enjoy a spring/summerlike weather. In short, a more than successful edition of the Winter Event!

- Robin Somers