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The GOLEM tokamak virtual model and control room simulator

Tool Name: The GOLEM tokamak virtual model and control room simulator

Author: CVUT Prague, Czech Republic

Description: The GOLEM tokamak - one of the very small and historical tokamaks - now serves as a student experiment at FNSPE CTU in Prague, where it is renowned due to its capability to be operated remotely, online over the internet.

Besides remote operation, there is also a virtual model of the tokamak that you can use with to get to know GOLEM. This virtual tokamak model can also be accessed online (see links below). It offers a way to learn more about the machine, through a virtual tour around the GOLEM tokamak. In some respect, this model it is reminiscent of the ITER components model – within the tour, one can explore either the integrated tokamak device, or its individual components.

There is also a virtual control room of GOLEM, that allows you to get familiar with the settings and options before you start a real, remote operation. The control room access is of interest for more dedicated fusion students and researchers, as well as for university courses on operation and control of experiments and remote participation.


  • The virtual GOLEM model requires a Windows PC with the freely available Cortona viewer installed, and internet connection.
  • THe virtual GOLEM control room requires a webbrowser and internet connection.

How to start:

The GOLEM virtual model and control room simulator were developed with support from FuseNet. The tools are available for usage online.