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Wave phenomena in Plasma

Experiment: Wave Phenomina in plasmas

Location: Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology, University of Stuttgart

Description: In a double plasma device a plasma is created by thermionic discharges. A multi-cusp field, generated my permanent magnets mounted at the vessel boundary, lead to a relative high plasma densities together with a magnetic field free region in the plasma center. This allows to nicely investigate basic wave phenomena like ion acoustic waves and the transition of these waves into the non-linear regime.

Target group: The experiment is intended for master students and part of a general practical course. The size of the group should be two students. In addition, the experiment is used for investigating general basic plasma phenomena in the course of small specialized tasks being part of a master's thesis.

Use and access: Due to being part of a practical course, the experiment is regularly used by students. Depending on the availability, use by other parties is in general possible.

Contact person: Alf Köhn  -