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FuseNet WorkPlan 2016-2017 - Work Package 3

Work Package 3

Title: Website and Outreach

Goal: Placing of FuseNet as the central information portal for fusion education in Europe, and develop and maintain in this role a professional website with up-to-date information. Develop a public relation strategy for online and offline activities in line with the mission and vision of FuseNet, with the aim to attract new students into the fusion education field and communicate to stakeholders on the activities of our network


  • Hosting and technical maintenance of the website (part of the basic operations).
  • Maintaining an attractive and professional website at, as the main portal on Fusion education, especially attractive for students.
  • Provide educational information to the public about fusion and the European efforts to develop commercial fusion, and thereby informing the public on European fusion education.

Note: the website efforts related to the student support actions of the work packages 4-11 (for instance generating and handling online application forms), are part of the enhanced programme and funded within the EUROfusion service agreement. For clarity, they are added as extra task within this workpackage:

  • Online student support: preparing the website for online applications of students support, generating and handling of the online applications, and use of the website as central communication point in executing the operations of the individual work packages.


  • A professional and attractive website.
  • Participation in an exposition and/or exhibition or other public outreach activity.
  • Short description on the activities on the website and public outreach as part of the Annual report.

Italic: private deliverable, only available to logged-in FuseNet Board Members.