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FuseNet WorkPlan 2016-2017 - Work Package 5

Work Package 5

Title: Organization of the annual FuseNet PhD Event

Goal: Following the success over the past fiveyears, a dedicated conference event will be organized by and for PhD students, with the goal to form a network of early career fusion scientists and provide to them training in different scientific competences (broader scientific and societal context of their research, discussion, presenting, networking, etc.). Participation in this annual event is one of the requirements for the FuseNet European Fusion Doctorate Certificate and also asked from participants in the Erasmus Mundus joint doctoral programme.


  • Organization of the PhD event.
  • Identify and resource event venue.
  • Administer student travel expenses for the event.


  • Report on the PhD event, including an analysis of the student surveys and the effectiveness of
    the action.

Italic: private deliverable, only available to logged-in FuseNet Board Members.