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FuseNet WorkPlan 2016-2017 - Work Package 9

Work Package 9

Title: Industry and Training


To involve fusion related industry in the training of engineers and students, by suitable internships or tailor-made programmes. And to foster, through these student exchange programmes, the links between those industries and the academia/research institutes involved in fusion. Placing of FuseNet as the central portal for fusion education in Europe, and develop in this role the networking with other areas or related fields and share best practices.

These actions were started in 2015 and budget is available from EUROfusion contract A, from which the actions can be completed in 2016.


  • Establishing links and collaboration with industry to identify short / middle / long term education and training needs. To be completed in 2016.
  • Develop and maintain a web-based match-making service for internships between industry and students. Completed in 2015.
  • Inventory of possibilities for and offer information on in-company training of engineers or specific nuclear training (action from roadmap). Started in 2015.
  • Exploring links with related fields and sharing of best practices. To be completed in 2016.


  • Dedicated Information portal on website on internships, and training options for in and/or for industry.
  • Report on education and training needs in industry, with options how to clear the needs.

Italic: private deliverable, only available to logged-in FuseNet Board Members.