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  • Eye witness report from Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, part 5

Eye witness report from Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, part 5

FUSENET sponsors the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School in the UK. One of the students present, James Simpson, reports:

Friday 27th July

The next day was a little harder to get up for than usual, after last night, but it was a good send off for us all.

We had a brilliant lecture on Bayesian Probability, a topic I knew little about it was fascinating to see how this form of mathematics can be applied to tokamak plasmas. To finish off the summer school we had a very enlightening lecture on Astrophysical plasma physics.

The school had drawn to its end. I could see the sadness in people knowing soon we would have to go our separate ways. We boarded the bus which took us to our various drop off points. Here we said our good byes and took our last pictures together. It was a sad day, knowing we most likely would never be all in one and the same place again.

The time I spent at the summer school was on the best experiences of my life. I made friends for life and I more than intend to keep in contact with everyone.

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In the subsequent days we all emailed each other saying more good byes, wishing everyone the best of luck in there studies and inviting each other to visit. I would like to quote Lie Chang’s email who I think summed up the school much better than I ever could;

“It was really a great summer school and I enjoyed every moment with you. Actually, I have started to missing you guys already. In the past two weeks, we studied together, ate, drank and had fun together. It is the most unforgettable and wonderful time I have ever had. I felt very sad yesterday when we were saying goodbye to each other.”

I would like to dedicate this post to everyone that attended the summer school, to all the lecturers and all the staff that organised the summer school.  I also would like to thank Nikos Vergos and Bibes Chaulagain for supplying pretty much all the photos I have used in this blog.