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  • Eye Witness Report from the FuseNet PhD Event in York, 2013 - part 1

Eye Witness Report from the FuseNet PhD Event in York, 2013 - part 1

FuseNet funded the 3rd PhD event that was organized at the University of York and allows Ph.D students in Fusion to network and learn from each others' work.
One of the Ph.D students present, Jakob Brunner, reports:

Pub Culture and the Unofficial Start

On June 23, the third FuseNet PhD event had its unofficial opening. Most participants had already arrived and got together over pizza and drinks for some initial networking before enjoying a british pub quiz. The evening was rounded off by enjoying yorks pub culture.

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A British start

Speed dating in the historical venue of King's Manor

The 1st official day of the event (June 24) kick started in the historical forewalls of King's Manor with a kind welcome by Howard Wilson. The day took off with "speed dating" between the participants.

High on adrenalin, the session served to introduce the participants to each other while setting a friendly and relaxed ambience for the rest of event. In a short time, we got to know many fellow PhD students and the topics of their PhD programme. Everyone then proceeded to the first presentation session for some high quality opening talks.

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Delegates from all over Europe arrived through the impressive frontage of King's Manor, where the FuseNet PhD event was held.

Lectures, Posters and Team discussions

After lunch, the talks continued at their highest level with topics ranging from theoretical modeling to nanofluid engineering. After then long anticipated coffee-break, the first poster session was opened showing the wide scale of fusion research in Europe condensed in one single room. The evening started off with heated team discussions before dinner, which were followed by the spooky ghostwalk across town. Naturally day two was finished with a few pints as well.

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Discussions during the Poster Session