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  • Eye Witness Report from the FuseNet PhD Event in York, 2013 - part 2

Eye Witness Report from the FuseNet PhD Event in York, 2013 - part 2

FuseNet funded the 3rd PhD event that was organized at the University of York and allows Ph.D students in Fusion to network and learn from each others' work.

One of the Ph.D students present, Jakob Brunner, reports on the 2nd day:


The bull is looking at over 70 participants of the 2013 PhD Event in York
Photo (C)opyright 2013 - with permission by Koki Imada.

Free from Ghosts, Full of Fusion

After a short night - mostly free from ghost hauntings - the next day started early again in the debate groups to prepare for the grand clash next morning. The day's opening talk was a contribution by Winder Gonzalez from Padua on thermal simulations for magnetic diagnostics on ITER. The talks were continued till lunchtime with multiple contributions from diagnostics, materials and numerical simulations.

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FuseNet 2013 - In between fusion physics: sunbathing and lunch at St. Mary's Abbey

After an extensive sunbath amongst the ruins of St. Mary's abbey everyone got together for a highly anticipated talk from Prof. Bob Bingham from RAL/Strathclyde giving an assessment on prospects for Inertial Confinement Fusion.

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Lecture by prof. Bob Bingham from RAL/Strathclyde on Inertial Confinement Fusion.

The lecture of prof. Bingham was followed by a careers session with representatives from both industry and academia giving a glimpse of a life after a Ph.D. The second poster-session now finally displayed all contributions from engineering to analytics now giving rise to the difficult task of finding the exceptional poster amongst the brilliant ones to crown the winner of the poster prize.

Poster Session (click on photos to enlarge)
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Dinner was served in Merchant Adventurers Halls were grand ladies and lords have been walking and dining for centuries. The dinner was occasionally accompanied by Francisco Calderon from Chile giving a taste of the flute music from his home country. The meal finished off with a very involved ale tasting session and a visit to one of York’s club attractions "The Willow”.

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Flute music by Francisco at dinner - Night life in York's clubs