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  • Eye witness report from the Hands-On PlasmaLab@TUe Course, part 3

Eye witness report from the Hands-On PlasmaLab@TUe Course, part 3

FUSENET sponsors the Hands-On Plasmalab@TU/e course in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The course gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of plasma experiments. One of the students present, Dario Andres Cruz Malagon, reports:

The plasma trainshop has come to an end but not without leaving a remarkable impression within the participants and organizers. On Thursday evening after the closure of the experimental sessions we all went for a fancy farewell dinner offered by the Eindhoven fusion group. Once there, toasts were made. First from us participants to thank the staff members for organizing such a useful workshop and then a toast from the organizers to thank us for our active participation and to wish us a long and successful future in fusion.

Food was excellent but celebrations did not extend overnight as the next day results had to be presented. On Friday morning each group presented their results on a particular experiment followed by a general discussion with the other groups. Right after that, the signing of a poster-sized group picture was the official closure act for our week-long workshop.


The overall impression shared among staff members and participants is that the initiative of having this  hands-on trainshop was a complete success and that others like this must follow. It is a good way to learn in first-person certain plasma behaviours on a microscale in order to understand similar behaviours on a macroscale fusion device.

Well then, with the certainty of having learned something valuable and the hope of seeing again my new friends on another plasma event I conclude these reports on the TUE Plasma Lab course. Until the next time.