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Online edX course on Plasma Physics now self-paced and split in two parts.

FuseNet member EPFL launches Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on plasma physics and fusion energy
On the 13th of October, the Swiss Plasma Center (formerly EPFL) will launch the third edition of its popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Plasma Physics on the online education platform EdX.

Self-paced and split in two

The course is given in English and its contents have not changed with respect to previous edition. This year, however, it is possible to follow the course at your own pace, rather than following it at a predefined pace.

Another change made to the course, is that the MOOC is now divided into two parts that can be followed separately. The first part, Plasma Physics: Introduction, will discuss the basics of plasma physics, while the second part, Plasma Physics: Applications, is about its applications including nuclear fusion. People who are already familiar with the basics of plasma physics and wish to explore its application to fusion energy, are free to take the second part of the course only.


Participation to this open online course is available for free to everyone; only if you want to obtain a verified certificate that states that you have successfully completed the course (e.g. for your C.V.), you will need to pay $50. If you are interested, please, check the links below to sign up.

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