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  • Tokamak particle simulator

Tokamak particle simulator

Tool Name: Tokamak particle simulator

Author: German Broadcaster SWR's education channel. 

Description: Fill the reactor with one of the following fusion fuels: deuterium-helium, deuterium, deuterium-tritium, tritium. By clicking on the round button right next to the atomic model of the reactor is filled. Now you can heat up the plasma. Start with Ohmic heating by using the left slider. Add auxiliary power (e.g. NBI / ECH) by moving the right slider. The left monitor shows the behavior of the fusion fuel. When the temperature increases a significant acceleration of the particles is observed. When the desired temperature is reached, the plasma ignites and fusion reactions start to occur. The actual temperature can be controlled via the heating controller. On the center screen you can look at the fusion reaction in detail, including the fusion product. The right monitor indicates to amount of generated excess electricity of the power plant. 

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